Cuffed Cover Reveal!

Here’s the cover of my upcoming short CUFFED. It’s set in the chaotic world of Comic Con and features a hero and heroine who are both avid gamers who meet up at the con and, thanks to a prankster, end up handcuffed together. Unbeknownst to the one pulling the prank it’s just the catalyst they need to admit their attraction to one another.

I’ll let the cover explain the rest!

Cuffed Full-Cover

So what do you think?

Available: Preorder: 17th July | Early Download: 31st July | General Release: 28th August


It’s Done…Now What?

The EndSo I finished the WIP yesterday and sent it off to my editor early (YAY!) but now I’m kinda floating in limbo. I have so many ideas for new books, so many books I’ve already started and haven’t had a chance to finish, and books full of old ideas that have never seen the light of day.

What to do?

I asked my daughter to see what she thought and she’s been chomping at the bit for two of my partial stories for years. When I asked a friend, she immediately chimed in with the story she wants to see me finish as well, which coincidentally is one of the ones my daughter wants lol. I know which ones I’m drawn to writing…

So I’m thinking I’m going to write a short while I plot out the story that seems to be in demand.

Anyone else have this problem? What did you do?


Busy Like a Bee

Task MasterI’ve been deep in a WIP lately and haven’t been around much. So sorry for that! But on the plus side that means more wordcount and a new book in the hands of my editor soon!

As you can see Nox is making sure I keep on task :)