Busy Busy Busy

If you can’t guess from the title of this post I’ve been busy lately. Crazy busy. And it’s been great! Edits have been finished for ‘Grind’, the second book, ‘Simmer’, is finished and in the hands of my editor, the third book is half way done and I’m writing a proposal for the next series which will be a paranormal series of awesome. The world for that has been kicking around my head for years and I can’t wait to get it all out on the page! Keep your fingers crossed!


Grind Has a Cover!

grind_800So I promised a few months ago that I would have something new coming out soon and here it is!

The Long Way Round Trilogy centres around three friends—Cara, Natalie and Chelsea—with three very different lives. Cara is on top of the world. Natalie is just plodding along. And Chelsea is starting over again. But will they find their happily ever afters?

The series starts with Grind and commitment phobic Cara. All her hard work has paid off and she has everything she’s ever wanted. Only now, one man is threatening everything she believes about love.

I’ll just let the post card that was created by the fantastic team at Totally Bound explain the rest.



Grind will be available:

Preorder: 7th November 2014

Early download: 21st November 2014

General release: 19th December 2014