Busy Like a Bee

Task MasterI’ve been deep in a WIP lately and haven’t been around much. So sorry for that! But on the plus side that means more wordcount and a new book in the hands of my editor soon!

As you can see Nox is making sure I keep on task :)


Solar Eclipse 2015

Solar Eclipse 2015I almost forgot about the eclipse after obsessing about not forgetting it over the past few days :/ It wasn’t until a delivery man reminded me that I ran out back with my phone just in time to catch this and a few other shots (that basically look like the moon through clouds). I thought this looked quite atmospheric though :)


Grind’s Release Day!


How I’m celebrating before diving back into the new book!

It’s been a long crazy ride for such a short book, but it’s finally here!

I’m also over at Female First today talking about letting go and adapting to change, something that Cara has issues with in Grind. You can check that out by clicking here.

Anywho, thanks for everyone who supported me and didn’t let me give up on writing completely. You know who you are!

I’d better stop gushing now before they start playing the music and shoo me off stage.