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I’ve been knocked on my butt by a migraine today which left me with not much to do but think (very little) and swear (very much). So today’s post will be a collection of links that I thought were worth sharing.

LIAR’S GAME was released yesterday! WOO!

This is what the Carina Press Newsletter had to say about the book!

Go buy a copy now and judge for yourself! Amazon / B&N / Audible


 The Romance Reviews Sizzling Summer ReadsThe Romance Review Sizzling Summer Reads Party is happening all of July. There are 400 authors and publishers participating with over 400 prizes including a grand prize $100 gift certificate! You have to be registered and logged into the site to participate but it’s totally worth it! Stop by on July 19th for your chance to win a copy of LIAR’S GAME 🙂



Table Top is a web show hosted by Wil Wheaton that my daughter and I watch almost religiously. It helps that we both love games and I’ve had a crush on Wil since TNG.


This week he and some friends play Gloom which I became instantly interested in thanks to the simple gameplay and the ghoulishly morbid stories that you make up to propel the game along. Making up stories is what I do! I can’t wait to get my hands on this game to see what kind of tales we can come up with!

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