2019 and Beyond

Happy New Year

What a year it’s been huh? I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone, not only the year but the entire decade!

For a year that felt slow, at least writing-wise, I’ve written over 300k words, which includes three full length novels published with another accepted (and chosen as Editor’s Pick!) to be published in the new year. I’d also made a few strides toward another goal of mine which I hope will turn into something I can share with you all soon! In short, for a year I felt like a writing failure, I’ve turned back to see I’ve done way more than I’d thought! It’s incredible what a little perspective can do!

As for the decade, this was the one I became a published author. In 2012 my first book, LIAR’S GAME, a short sci-fi, was published by Carina Press. So exciting! My big break! While the book received great reviews, my personal life had taken a turn and writing was put on the back burner. By the time I felt ready to get back to writing, the story had been forgotten for the most part.

So, I decided to try something new.

In 2015, I was picked up by a new publisher, Totally Bound, with a new direction. Romance. And not just romance but the more erotic kind. I had wanted to push myself into doing something I never thought I could. While I enjoyed reading spicier stories, I didn’t think I could write one myself. I surprised myself with my novella GRIND, which became the first of the LONG WAY ROUND TRILOGY about three friends and their winding paths to finding love. Quickly joining them came my contributions for the Totally Five Star continuity, BREAKING ROSSI’S RULES, FUEL TO THE FIRE, SINS IN THE SAND and FAKING IT, which are still faves among my readers new and old alike.

Since then, I’ve written many more books cementing my brand as an author of billionaire romances with stories that take place in exotic and luxurious locales that span the globe.

A publishing timeline of the past decade:

Full LengthNovellaAnthologyYoung Adult

Liar’s Game

Grind (Long Way Round Book 1)
Ignite (Long Way Round Book 2)
Breaking Rossi’s Rules (Totally Five Star)
Scorch (Long Way Round Book 3)

Fuel to the Fire (Totally Five Star)
Demigoddess 101 (As Kacie Ji)
Weathering the Storm
Sins in the Sand (Totally Five Star)
Blind Spot
Faking It (Totally Five Star)

Playing Dirty
Claiming Zara (Three’s a Charm Anthology)
With a Side of Vengeance
Trust (Lawless Anthology)
Out of Darkness (Beautiful Skin Anthology)

Touch (Sensations Book 1)
Sight (Sensations Book 2)
It Started With a Kiss (As Kacie Ji – Kissed Anthology)
Guarding What’s Hers (Fated Series – Denying the Alpha Anthology)

Raking the Ashes
Safe in the Hitman’s Arms
Limited Edition

Couture, Champagne & Little White Lies (Billionaire Love Anthology)

The Witch’s Mate (Fated Series)
Several Untitled Books

And here I am 26 books later (including the YA books I’ve written under the pseudonym Kacie Ji) and I’m at a new crossroads. While I love what I do, I’ve found myself looking for something different as of late and have been trying my hand at some other genres while keeping up the luxury and exotic locations I’m know for. I have written a couple suspenseful books and have several more bouncing around my head which I hope to get out soon. I even have a paranormal published as part of the DENYING THE ALPHA ANTHOLOGY (and a related work that I have yet to complete). But I want to push myself further.

This will be the decade I do it.

Fingers crossed, in the coming years you’ll have something big and new from me!

So, I guess this is the long version of me telling you to remember to look back and see all the progress you’ve made even as you plan for the future.

I wish you nothing but the best in the coming year and beyond and I hope you remember to do something new, something wild, something unexpected, but always take care of you.

Kait X