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Scarlett never imagined that she would be famous from her YouTube channel but to be popular enough that a rival decides to cuff her to someone else as part of a publicity stunt? Ludicrous! Most unexpected of all, is her attraction to the man she’s chained to—fellow YouTuber Jackson.

Jackson has always thought Scarlett was an attractive woman. Only he never thought she felt the same about him. So when he realizes she isn’t totally against being cuffed to him. Jackson decides to take advantage of the situation and see just how far he can push her limits.

It turns out that handcuffs are the best kind of torture.


You know those pranks pulled on you by friends and rivals alike that end up to be a good thing? This book is a good example. It’s a good, short read that I finished in no time. But I thoroughly enjoyed it despite the story being short. I loved the steaminess, the chemistry, the pacing, and even the fact that I got a good chunk of a story without having to spend so many hours with it. ~ Steamy Sultry Reviews

I have read many books by Kait Gamble and have never been disappointed. All are short, interesting, and spicy reads that are written well and to the point! Kait does a great job of creating characters that are real and endearing. The spiciness had me zipping through this one! It’s just what the doctor ordered! ~ The Jeep Diva

Kait Gamble’s Cuffed was sizzling hot fun wrapped in a pretty little package. It was definitely one of those short stories that I would give anything for it to be longer. I loved the instant chemistry between Jackson and Scarlett. From the moment they’re together, it ignites. Cuffed was just a super fun and quick short story that made me giggle and search for a fan. I’d like to think of Cuffed as an amuse bouche. Now that I’ve had a taste of Kait’s writing style, I want to pick up more of her books. Sexy times ahead! ~ Crystal Blogs Books


She stared straight ahead while they waited. It gave him the chance to study her. Scarlett was pretty, even when she was spitting mad. He wondered for a split second if he could kiss the expression away or if doing that would just make her angrier. What would that look like?

He shoved the insane thought aside. The last thing he needed to do right now was create a messy scene. But damn if he didn’t want to kiss her.

As they inched forward, Jackson caught her taking furtive peeks at him from under her lashes. She was checking him out!

He made sure to make it seem like he was taking everything in, the building, the décor, the pack of Power Rangers in line next to them—at everything, but where his gaze was actually drawn to…her.

When he sensed her focus on his face, he doggedly kept his attention elsewhere until he was sure she’d turned away. She spent a lot of time examining his chest, and arms. She even stretched to disguise a move to examine his ass.

Scarlett was quite thorough, though he wished he wasn’t inside the monkey suit. He wasn’t the biggest guy or particularly handsome, but he wasn’t half bad. He’d gotten enough comments on his vids inviting him to meet up with random viewers. Not that he ever went. There were the ‘OMG, ur so hootttt’ ones he got now and again. So at least he was attractive to someone out there. What he was interested in was that Scarlett seemed to find him easy on the eyes. He’d be glad to let her look her fill right now if it wasn’t so out of the bounds of decency to strip down and let her.

That’s when it hit him. The stubborn expression on her face wasn’t anger at him. She was into him and fighting it. At least that was his hope. He couldn’t be the only one interested, right?

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