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The Long Way Round Trilogy Book 2

Natalie needs a break from her stalled career as a software developer. So when her good friend Sebastian appears asking her to accompany him on a trip to paradise, how can she say no? The catch? She had to pretend to be his wife.

Sebastian must woo a potential partner and to do it he needs a wife STAT. So he turns to his old pal Natalie. She’s smart, beautiful and they know nearly everything about each other. It’s the perfect arrangement and things won’t get complicated.

But what happens when the faked affection becomes all too real?


With a gorgeous setting and fun characters, IGNITE is a short novella that is long on passion. Bottom Line: Short but steamy read that may have you daydreaming of “THAT GUY” in college and what might have been. ~ The Romance Reviews

I enjoyed this story, while it was short there was enough background information and story building done for it to be fully enjoyable. Sebastian immediately caught my attention as being a somewhat dominating alpha male however he has just enough of a soft side to allow for Natalie to take charge when she needed to. His vulnerability in the later pages of the story is a nice change of pace from most stories in this genre. A great read and I would highly suggest this author! ~ The TBR Pile

This was a sweet, fun-loving, story about two friends who turn into more. It was a quick read that took an hour in the afternoon – something I enjoy doing on the weekends. Natalie and Sebastian had great chemistry and the writing was great. Overall, it was a good story that I really enjoyed. ~ Crystal’s Many Reviewers


He paused in the door and turned to her with a look of speculation. “It occurs to me that we might have to kiss and make it look real at some point.”

Her heart almost stopped. “Yeah,” she croaked.

Sebastian stepped closer, his big body blotting out everything else. “Don’t you think we should give it a try to see if we can do it? You know, without making a face and ruining the whole farce?”

She opened and closed her mouth a few times while she tried to come up with a witty response when all she wanted to do was press herself up against him and prove that there wouldn’t be a problem in that department—at least not from her end.

“See? You’re already freaking out from just the thought of kissing me.” He cocked his head. “I was thinking it should go a little more like this.”

Natalie stood frozen as he closed his hands around her waist, tugged her roughly against him and his mouth came crashing down on hers.

He kissed her gently—at first. Then he crept his hands ever so slowly upward, sliding them up her spine and into her hair to anchor her to his mouth while he deepened the kiss. Nipping her bottom lip, he used her gasp to gain access for his tongue, slipping it inside and groaning as he slid it over hers.

She pulled him closer, grabbing his clothes, his shoulders, whatever she could get her hands on, caring only about feeling him touching her. And she could definitely feel him hard and insistent against her stomach.

Sebastian drew back slowly with little nibbles and feather-light kisses as if he couldn’t stop himself from having one last taste. Natalie opened her eyes—unable to remember when she’d closed them—and stared up at him.

He winked at her. “That’s more like it.”

And with that, he swept out the door, leaving her feeling as though a tornado had taken hold of her, whipped her around and dropped her into some strange reality. Sebastian usually had that effect on her, but this time, it was even more intense thanks to that knee-wobbling kiss. And now she was hours away from getting on a plane with him and flying to an exotic country where she would pretend to be his wife.

It was crazy—and totally exciting.

But that kiss…

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