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Cover Reveal! – With a Side of Vengeance

With a Side of Vengeance CoverI’ve been sitting on the cover of With a Side of Vengeance for a few days now and am about to burst. So before I say anything else, take a look! Beautiful, isn’t it? I love the colours and the models are gorgeous!

With a Side of Vengeance features Elle, a cellist who’s adrift after her fiancé walks out on her. Being a woman who’s always had her life dictated by someone else, Elle decides to embrace everything that isn’t her. Even if she knows she might end up regretting it. So giving into the wild attraction with a man she’s just met turns out to be the first in a long line of uncharacteristic choices. All of which lead her to finding herself and the man she loves.

Eirik is in Antigua for revenge. Pure and simple. Their exes had tried to ruin his family and he wants retribution. But when he meets Elle, his focus narrows. Suddenly, all he cares about is spending more time with her. Should he trust her? Can he? Eirik doesn’t care. He falls hard and fast but is he heartless enough to make a woman who’s made it clear that their time together is temporary stay with him?

It was great fun to write them! Especially Eirik who strays from my usual clean-cut hero which made him even more fun to explore!

From the backcover:

Vengeance is a dish best served…hot.

Elle gave up so much in life to focus on her relationship—too bad her fiancé didn’t feel the same dedication to her. So when he takes off to Antigua to be with another woman, Elle follows, wanting, no, needing answers and retribution.

Eirik’s ex-lover tried to heap humiliation on him and his family with the help of Elle’s ex-fiancé. So when Eirik finds Elle spying on them, she seems like the perfect accomplice for some revenge. The plan is easy enough—pretend to be a couple to antagonize their exes…and perhaps have a little fun of their own.

But what happens when reaching for his hand becomes second nature and kissing her becomes a need that’s all too real? Can a relationship with its roots in cold vengeance ever blossom in the heat of love?

Pre-order: 17th Apr | General Release: 29th May