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After hinting about this on twitter last week, I got the go ahead from the publisher to start writing so I wanted to share with you!

First a little backstory:

With the Totally 5 Star imprint winding down I found myself in a bit of a quagmire. Not because I don’t have ideas. I’ve got what seems to be an annoying geyser of ideas that never stops. What had me down was finding something that sparked excitement, characters that begged for their story to be written, a location that I needed to explore. Perhaps the ideas have been sitting in my mind too long, I don’t know. All I knew was that I needed something fresh that got my imagination going.

Polo BrazilAfter a spirited conversation with my editor after getting through final edits for my latest short – PLAYING DIRTY (coming Mar 2017) – we realized that there was a lot more story there. Much more. And all of a sudden I had this whole new world open up. One occupied with rich, hot Brazilian polo players who play hard and party harder, beautiful, capable women who don’t take their crap. Sprinkled with a lot of intrigue, travel and money, a whole new series burst into my head!

So get ready to meet the bad boy crown princes of the sport of kings!

The Close Contact Series Starting 2017!