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Has Pokémon Go Peaked?

by Kait
PsyduckAfter playing the game for nine days now, I’ve had my fill of frustration. I can imagine others are feeling the same way as well. I have friends and family in particular who have been very vocal about their disappointment with the game.

Like everyone else in the beginning, the novelty of being able to live out the fantasy of being a Pokémon trainer was intriguing and I got sucked in. Soon I was curving balls, hitting stops and have managed to capture fifty-one different types (three hundred and fifteen overall). But my interest has been steadily waning. With the tracker being so inaccurate, the drain on data and battery, the many broken features and the never-ending parade of grinding fodder Pokémon, it’s a wonder that anyone approved this game to be released.

With no updates on the horizon could it be that the game has had its moment in the sun? I hope not because there is so much more the game could offer.

I have a few suggestions that would help keep the game fresh and interesting.

Like what if the Pokémon that appeared were to change with the season or weather? That will keep you guessing as to what you’ll find.

For the people who have trouble getting out and about how about a game mode where the Pokémon come to them? Not in a steady stream of course, but randomly and close by to still give the thrill of chance and discovery.

And what about the map? Once they get it working there could be three modes. Easy, medium and hard where kids could have it set to easy that will show the Pokémon’s exact location, how long they’re be there, and difficulty to catch. Conversely, hard would show the general area where one is so the hunting will be more challenging. Medium could be as it is now where it shows on the map where it is but nothing about time or difficulty. These would change the game play dynamics as well as take a load off the servers.

What about more character customisation? Or taking it a bit further and customising favourite Pokémon? Making coins easier to come by would aid in that.

I could go on and on.

As it is, the game doesn’t have a lasting grip on me. It’s been fun and I’ll probably check in from time to time to see if there is anything new about, but if there isn’t then the checks will come fewer and farther between. Sadly, we all know there will be changes coming eventually but they’ll more than likely be with micro-transactions.