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PAWS IconI know I’ve been pretty quiet lately but for the past six months I’ve been busy with the team at X4PE Studios developing a game!

PAWS is an open world RPG where you play the role of Paws, a kitten lost in a fantasy world inhabited by dragons and strange technology. He needs your help to navigate the puzzles and figure out how to get home.

At the moment the first level is available to play. Explore at your leisure or challenge yourself with varying degrees of difficulty. We’re working hard on the next level (we’re planning 10) with the goal of releasing in June. The game is only available for Android but there are plans for other platforms eventually.

For most of us, this fulfills a lifelong dream of creating and publishing a game. I know it is a huge thrill for me!

I hope you’ll check out PAWS. Let us know what you think if you do!

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