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Liar’s Game Release Countdown – Aurelia

Aurelia Popkiss

Age: 22
Talent: Predicting behaviour in others, strategic planning
Weakness: Thinking she needs to do it alone

Unlike the others on the crew, Auri wasn’t a prisoner. She was brought along by her father on a routine inspection of the facility where she found her childhood friend incarcerated. But before she could get him out the prison exploded, and he was killed in the resulting riot. Auri was saved by one of the crew, but was in such a state that she can’t recall which one.

Over the next few years she proved herself an invaluable member of the crew for her logical and strategic thinking. The men quickly learned to let her do the plotting and to improvise whenever her mind did a 180.

Auri’s relationship with her crew is strictly platonic which works just fine for her except when it comes to Keys. She has no idea how to approach a man who sees her as nothing more than a little sister.

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