Liar’s Game Release Countdown – Bam

Bamford Finnegan Montague

Age: 18
Talent: Strength
Weakness: Youth

Early in his teens, Bam was caught in the Franco-Sino-Russian dispute over resources on the moon when the battle spilled over into the lunar colonies. He was saved by Meri who managed to replace his damaged arm and eye with mechanical parts, thus creating the first half tik tok which became the derogatory term ‘haftik’. Considered to be inhuman, haftiks are mostly treated with fear and disgust.

In spite of the hand that fate dealt him, Bam always manages to look on the funny side of things, often dragging everyone else’s minds into the gutter with his. The rest of the crew love him for his affable and steadfast nature. If Bam says he’s got your back you can be sure he’ll be there even if it’s at considerable cost to himself as he proved with his jail time over helping Meri.

Auri and Bam treat each other like siblings since they are the closest in age than any of the others. Although her initial impression of him wasn’t the most complimentary, Auri’s greatest wish for him is for him to find a girl who will look past the machinery and see the loyal man with the huge heart.