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Liar’s Game Release Countdown – Everhard

Everard Quinlirke

Age: 34
Talent: Charm, reads people
Weakness: Trust issues

For anyone who knows Everard his nickname is just a logical progression. Effortlessly charming and drop dead gorgeous, Everhard used his talents to his advantage when he was a con and still does when there’s call for it. The crew knows he can quickly access a person through observation and look to him for insights. Especially when that person is female.

No one meeting the charming rogue would suspect that inside the self assured, perfectly tanned flirt is a man mourning his lost love. It was that same sadness that led him to start conning and landed him in prison in the first place.

The first moment Auri saw him, she was blown away by by his looks but quickly learned that he wasn’t the one for her. Everhard continues to be a close friend and, even though Meri greatly disapproves, they can often be found sharing stories over drinks while the others are asleep or elsewhere.

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