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Liar’s Game Release Countdown – Keys

Caderyn Keelan Alloway

Age: 31
Talents: Circumventing Security
Weakness: Aurelia

Keys, as he’s known by the crew, is the quiet one. The observer. The one who hangs back to watch a situation unfold. He’s the one they go to when they need to get into something in a hurry.

A self made man, Keys once had the world in the palm of his hand. That was until he killed a man for violating his sister and had everything that he had worked so hard for ripped away while he was left to rot in prison.

His feelings for Aurelia are a secret…to Aurelia. The rest of the crew knows exactly how he feels and take every opportunity to take good natured jabs at him for it. Keys knows that with her upbringing the last thing Aurelia wants is an ex con with nothing to offer. Or does she?

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