Liar’s Game Release Countdown – Meri

To celebrate the upcoming release of LIAR’S GAME I thought I would help you get to know the crew of the Euchronia. So over the next few weeks I’ll share a little about the characters one by one.

First up:

Dr. Meriwether Prior

Jeremy Irons
Whenever I think of Meri I see Jeremy Irons
Age: Early/mid 60s
Talents: Mechanical and medical knowhow
Weakness: Drug dependency

As the ship’s resident ‘mad’ scientist, Meri is undoubtedly the most brilliant among the crew. He’s the one they rely on for everything from healing up cuts and scrapes to building their gadgets and weaponry. His mind is always dissecting and reassembling leading him to endless tinkering with parts from the ships they ‘salvage’ providing them with a dazzling array of new inventions.

Not much is known about his past besides the fact that he once worked on projects for the government and survived the past two wars. Both are things he doesn’t often talk about. As far as anyone knows, Meri was jailed for colluding with a criminal when Bam was caught breaking into a military facility to obtain a drug that Meri needed.

The crew looks to him for advice and he gives it freely (even when no one wants to hear it). He’s also the conscience of the group, tempering the more impulsive tendencies of the younger crew members.

Auri looks up to him as a father figure, trusting him with things that she would never share with the others. But despite their many private conversations Meri never alludes to the devastating secrets of his own.