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Long Way Round Boxset

My first set of books with Totally Bound are now available as a boxset!

Three friends—Cara, Natalie and Chelsea—with three different lives. Sometimes they’re on top of the world. Sometimes they just plod along. Other times they may find they’re starting over again. But will they find their happily ever afters?


Can Jason convince Cara to go from being lovers to something more?

Commitment phobic Cara Witchai loves her life the way it is—especially her no-strings-attached relationship with long-time lover Jason. But when Jason blurts out a marriage proposal, it throws Cara into a tailspin. How can Jason convince her to stay?

Cara, a successful restauranteur, prefers to be in charge of her life. She’s done a great job of it so far. She has a wonderful friend, a restaurant where customers need reservations months in advance to get a table and she has a man who fits into her life without taking over. She can get on with her life while still having fantastic sex and not have to worry about maintaining a relationship that will eventually fall apart. It’s bliss, as far as she’s concerned.

Jason has other ideas for his latest visit to see Cara. They’ve dated in the past, but after breaking up, their arrangement has evolved into a mutually satisfying meet every few months. They understand each other and are happy in and out of bed. However, neither has pushed for anything more. Jason wants to take things further, so he must convince Cara that they make the perfect couple.

His plan—use every weapon in his arsenal. Money, his command over her body. Whatever it takes.


I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would for a few reasons. First, the writing was wonderful, this was easy to read and a lot of fun. Second, damn, the sex was scorching. I can see why they keep going back to each other! Third, I just loved the characters, they were relatable, and the situation made you sympathetic towards both Jason and Cara. – Cara Nicole @ Goodreads.com

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Can two friends masquerading as a married couple on a trip to paradise change friendship into something more?

Natalie needs a break from her stalled career as a software developer, so when her good friend Sebastian suddenly appears asking her to accompany him on a trip to paradise, how can she say no? The catch? She has to pretend to be his wife.

Sebastian must woo a potential partner and to do it he needs a wife STAT, so he turns to his old pal Natalie. She’s smart, beautiful and they know nearly everything about each other. It’s the perfect arrangement and things won’t get complicated.

But what happens when the faked affection becomes all too real?


With a gorgeous setting and fun characters, IGNITE is a short novella that is long on passion. Bottom Line: Short but steamy read that may have you daydreaming of “THAT GUY” in college and what might have been. ~ The Romance Reviews

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Even good girls can learn to break the rules.

Chelsea had a plan for her life. She worked for it. Played by all the rules, did what was expected of her—only to be left starting her life over from scratch.

Luckily, she has great friends who help her out, which leads to her becoming the hostess of one of the hottest restaurants in the city—one with an even hotter head chef.

Aloof and mysterious, Daniel is as disciplined as they come. But when he sees Chelsea’s growing interest in him, he directs his full focus on her. He knows it will take time and patience to crack the walls she’s erected around herself, but when he finally does, it will be worth the effort. Then maybe he can let her know the real him.

But can Chelsea break her rules and let Daniel in?


This is a quick and satisfying read! I wholeheartedly recommend Scorch and the entire Long Way Round series! ~ The Jeep Diva Reviews

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