Safe in the Hitman’s Arms Cover Reveal!

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Coming April 25th!

I’m so excited to share this story with you! And the cover! Maxim is hot, no?


Their world is one of shadows and lies.

Maxim Ivanov had never met a person who didn’t want something from him and wasn’t willing to lie to get it. There was only been one person he’d had any honest interactions with—Aida Roussel—but only because her time and attention was bought and paid for. Well, he is ready for more with her.

Aida isn’t without a few secrets of her own but Max is the only one who’s ever made her want to share them. She knows who he really is behind the debonair façade, but how can she tell him the truth about herself when she needs his unique talents? Without his help against the madman chasing her Max stands to lose more than he realizes.

Maxim would do whatever it takes to protect the one source of light in his life, but what happens when the lies surface?

This story was a tough one to write but the Aida and Max were just so interesting! Like Ana and Rhys from FAKING IT, the suspense and action, luxurious locations are entwined with a complicated relationship. I’m thinking there will be more stories of this type from me in the near future!