The Evolution of Cuffed

Creativity New Release

Cuffed Full-CoverTo celebrate the release of Cuffed I thought I’d do something a little different and share how the story came about.

My stories come from everywhere. Almost anything can spark an idea. Music, a news story, a movie, a colour…it’s just whether or not the idea takes hold and turns into something more. Some stories seem to jump out at me out of the blue almost fully fleshed.

That’s kind of how Cuffed came to be.

I was chatting with an old friend over coffee about story ideas and how I wanted something quick to write but wanted something different. Something that would get me excited to write again (this was during a time when I never actually thought I’d write another book). He turned to me, smiled and said two words, ‘Comic Con’.

It was something we’d both been wanting to go to since we were in high school so that didn’t really come as a surprise but the image his words generated was instant. Two rival YouTubers at Comic Con that are cuffed together as a prank and can’t escape their chemistry.

Et voila! After some fast and furious writing, the story that came out was a mishmash of my own geekiness and a bunch of wish fulfilment that was so much fun to write.

I just hope it’s as much fun to read!