The Long Way Round Trilogy in Print!

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The Long Way Round Trilogy

Woo! The Long Way Round series is now available in print! If you’re looking for quick satisfying stories about strong women and sexy men who won’t take no for an answer definitely give these books a go!

Blurb: Three friends–Cara, Natalie and Chelsea–with three different lives. Sometimes they’re on top of the world. Sometimes they just plod along. Other times they may find they’re starting over again. But will they find their happily ever afters?

Reviews for the series:


I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would for a few reasons. First, the writing was wonderful, this was easy to read and a lot of fun. Second, damn, the sex was scorching. Third, I just loved the characters, they were relatable, and the situation made you sympathetic towards both Jason and Cara. Grind was surprisingly smooth, in a good way. I loved Jason’s tactics, and he made me swoon with his energy and swagger.


I enjoyed this story, while it was short there was enough background information and story building done for it to be fully enjoyable.  Sebastian immediately caught my attention as being a somewhat dominating alpha male however he has just enough of a soft side to allow for Natalie to take charge when she needed to.  His vulnerability in the later pages of the story is a nice change of pace from most stories in this genre. A great read and I would highly suggest this author!


This is a quick and satisfying read! I wholeheartedly recommend Scorch and the entire Long Way Round series!