The One Where Kait Starts a Year Long Blog Challenge #evernighties

Creativity Fun General

Hi all! Several authors at Evernight Publishing have gotten together to attempt a blog challenge in an attempt to get us out of our collective shells. Every Thursday we have a new prompt and the goal is to try and post every week for the entirety of 2019. I’m certainly going to try!

This week’s prompt is ‘Favourite Thing I’ve Written (And Why)’

I always feel like I’m asked which child is my favourite when asked this question. How do you choose? Do I go with the one that was the most fun to write? The one featuring a fave location?

Breaking Rossi's Rules

One that covers both criteria is ‘Breaking Rossi’s Rules’ It takes place in Monaco and self-made billionaire Luca and heiress Anika are one of my favourite couples. What made them a challenge to write was with them both being mindbogglingly wealthy I had to think outside the box for ways of Luca impressing Anika.

Faking It Cover

Another is ‘Faking It’ which is more suspenseful and takes place in Chamonix during a snow storm. Ana a thief and Rhys a spy, join forces despite a complicated past against a common enemy. The challenge with these two was bringing them back together after everything they’d been through while dealing with the chaos of their present.

Both are luxe to the max and it was so much fun to write their relationships.

And I think I just proved I can’t pick just one…