Well…That was Quite the Year…


Dawn Over London

I’m sure 2016 is a year that will be remembered, if rather infamously, as the year we lost too many beloved stars, people lost their collective minds over the thing du jour only to forget it minutes later for the latest outrage, politics around the globe hit a new level of crazy, and most recently publishers/distributors going dark with very little warning and taking authors’ hard earned money with them.

Is it any wonder that people are looking to the new year for a little hope?

I think that every day is the chance for a fresh start, not just the ticking over to a new year. Sure, a day doesn’t seem like much time to get anything done, but it’s enough to make small changes and a little difference can go a long way. So take care of yourself, find a way to make someone you love smile, read (or write) that book you’ve always meant to, travel to that place you never thought you’d see.

My wish to you is health, happiness and hope as the new day dawns and that it continues for all those that follow.

Lots of love,