With a Side of Vengeance Preorder and #teasertuesday

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With a Side of Vengeance CoverRelease dates have been moved up for With a Side of Vengeance! So check out your favourite ebook retailer for availability because it’s out for preorder now and will be out 28th of November!

Here’s a little teaser in the form of Elle and Eirik’s first kiss to tempt you!

Elle stood frozen as he gave her the lightest ghost of a kiss. But before she could really register what was happening, scorching heat flared between them and the kiss turned into a hotter, biting parody of the innocent touching of mouths. Suddenly kissing Eirik was more important than anything else that was going on. Breathing was a secondary concern. That Greg would see them didn’t even register.

All Elle knew was that she wanted more of Eirik. His taste. His touch…

What was she doing?

Elle tried to pull back but Eirik held her tight, continuing his plunder of her mouth before pulling back for a breath and to growl, “Make them believe it.”

What did it matter if they believed it or not? Elle could scarcely believe she was there kissing a man she’d known mere hours like her life depended on it.

He wanted to give them a show?

Elle gave into the impulse to link her arms around his neck. She hauled herself up to capture his mouth. Pressed herself closer until she could feel every hard angle of his body through their clothing. It was only because she wasn’t sure what to do with her legs that she didn’t wrap them around his hips to get as close as possible.

Eirik closed his hands around her waist, scooping one under her bottom picking her up and holding her tighter to him in one move.

Changing the angle of the kiss, Elle reveled in the feel of him so hard and strong against her. When his hand crept up under her shirt she smiled against his lips, gasping when the slightly rough rasp of it climbed higher.

She found herself placed on the edge of the railing allowing him the use of both hands. Inch by inch, he rucked up the thin fabric. The rush of the cool breeze over her skin was in stark contrast to the heat flaring from his touch.

The frustrating thing was, he stopped just below her bra. Teasing at the hem—nudging the underwire—but never straying upward. Elle moaned her exasperation into his mouth prompting a chuckle from him.

Eirik gave her a nipping kiss before drawing back to gaze at her with heavy lidded eyes.

Fighting for air and trying to comprehend what had just happened, Elle forced every emotion, every sensation he’d coaxed from her back down. But not before licking her lips to get one last taste of him.

It took her a few breaths before she managed a breathy, “Think they bought it?”