NaNoWriMo: Yay or Nay?


And we’ve hit that time of year where writers from all over the globe are trying to decide whether or not to gather to write fifty thousand words in a month. It’s great for authors, who are usually insular, hermit-like creatures (or is that just me?), to get together online or if you’re lucky enough …

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Stuff I’m Into Right Now

General Links

Like the title says here are a few things that have dragged me away from writing lately. Written by a Kid I love how kids create stories. The fact that absolutely NOTHING is impossible to them makes the tales that come from them incredibly entertaining. The folks at Geek and Sundry have tapped into that …

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Summer-billionaire-vamp-were-zom-pocalypse Burnout


Remember when the words ‘summer vacation’ were synonymous with ‘long lazy days’, ‘zero responsibilities’, ’being totally carefree’? Well those days aren’t even a speck in the rear-view mirror anymore. At least not for me. Juggling work and family and the stuff you can’t plan for doesn’t leave much time to laze about. Going into this …

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