A Sizzling July

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  Well we’re about half way through July now and it’s been a killer for me. The heat, for one, is something I equate with torture of the highest level. I do whatever I can to avoid it and blaring sunshine. It gives me headaches and just puts me in a tailspin so it’s just …

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Wish I Was Writing From Here

General Writing

So last night I finished up an intense round of edits for my upcoming release. I don’t think I’ve ever read, analysed, written and rewritten so furiously ever! It was stressful and I had to block out just about everything else but it felt GREAT. Being so focused and productive was wonderful since I’m usually …

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Fun General My Photos PhotoFriday

So here are a few pics from my recent trip to London. If you follow my Instagram you’ve probably already noticed lol! I had a fabulous time meeting up with a long time friend. We took in a few sights, museums and galleries mostly, and wandered around aimlessly the rest of the time. Definitely have …

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