Well…That was Quite the Year…


I’m sure 2016 is a year that will be remembered, if rather infamously, as the year we lost too many beloved stars, people lost their collective minds over the thing du jour only to forget it minutes later for the latest outrage, politics around the globe hit a new level of crazy, and most recently …

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Exciting News!

Creativity General News Writing

After hinting about this on twitter last week, I got the go ahead from the publisher to start writing so I wanted to share with you! First a little backstory: With the Totally 5 Star imprint winding down I found myself in a bit of a quagmire. Not because I don’t have ideas. I’ve got …

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Beach Drink

What Happened to Summer?

General Writing

So far this summer hasn’t been all that great. At least not in terms of the weather. I’m wishing I was in the picture above rather than the weirdly grey, but humid, but cold, but not confusion that is what I’m experiencing now. Sins in the Sand is doing quite well and I managed to …

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Fingers Crossed

General New Book

As usual, I’ve recently had an avalanche of ideas. Thankfully, the ideas have at least a little something to do with what I’ve been writing lately. As the image above might have given you a clue as to what I’ve got in mind. Two stories. One set in the ultra-modern, super-hot, fast paced city of …

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Well, July was a hectic month. Between writing a new book, promo articles, synopses and proposals for new books and trying to keep up with my daily life I’ve felt a little harried. Now that everything except contemplating new stories to write and catching up with work around the house I’ve been neglecting, I can …

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